Who we are

Nucleoeléctrica Argentina S.A. is the company in charge of the operation of the three nuclear power plants operating in our country, Atucha I, Atucha II and Embalse. It also deals with the commercialization of the energy produced by its plants in the Wholesale Electricity Market (MEM) and the management of projects that ensure the normal operation of its facilities, as well as those whose objective is the prospective construction of future nuclear power plants in Argentina.

The company produces nuclear power through the operation of Atucha I, Atucha II and Embalse plants. The total installed power of its three plants is 1,763 MW.

Nucleoeléctrica Argentina is a public limited company whose capital stock is distributed among the National Ministry of Economy (79%), the National Atomic Energy Commission (20%) and Integración Energética Argentina S.A (IEASA). 


We are a company with highly qualified human resources, that generates clean and safe energy for the environment and the people.

Nuclear energy plays a fundamental role in fighting climate change, since plants do not generate greenhouse gases.

At Nucleoeléctrica we believe that nuclear energy is part of the solution, and the expansion of installed capacity of nuclear origin will allow access to sustainable energy. We are a source of competitive, base energy generation that allows us to promote the scientific, technological and industrial development of the country.

Our human resources are highly qualified.   


We are operators of Argentinian nuclear power plants. The operation of the plants entails a culture of safety, efficiency and respect for people and the environment.

Our mission is to deliver clean and safely generated electricity to the country

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